February 21, 2012

Rhea & Joel Cabo San Lucas Wedding

Since I meet  Rhea and Joel last year I knew their wedding was going to be an amazing  celebration, 
He loves orchids and she loves everything that looks raw dry and weird, so I new this was going to be a fun orchid, succulent wedding.

after this

I came with this....

Green and pink cymbidium orchids with succulent

Rhea and Joel Wedding's Programs

The Guys!!!

the Table was accented with several clear vases with orchids, & succulents

Rhea Looked stunning! 

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  1. Oh! She definitely looks stunning in that dress! I am so excited for my best friend’s wedding. I have to pick up the wedding venue amongst so many venues in Chicago and I am super confused right now. anyways, wonderful pictures and congratulations to the couple!