April 30, 2012


           Well, actually its not a customized linen,  but I will like to think so! ha ha....
When Yahwe showed me this brand new collection from Wildflower Linens I immediately fell in love with it, ... the fabrics and colors were STUNNING, so I immediately adopt them and create this lovely  design with lots of  lots of crystals, all white orchids and roses to stand up its beauty.... the result? a perfect dinner table setting for any kind of celebration.....

The photo-shoot was taken @ Esperanza Resort , were the views are the reason why Cabo San Lucas Is called "PARADISE"

Many Thanks to Claudia Morales for hosting us and been so great as always; cant wait for the rest of the photo-shoots to come!!!

Juan Carlos Tapia Thank you Man, for the amazing photos
Table floral design by www.florentaflowerdesign.com me ;)
All rentals from www.delcabodesignevents.com

April 28, 2012


The Women of Chapman enjoy a Wildflower Linen Fashion Runway Show

Youngsong Martin, owner and principal designer of Wildflower Linen has done it again with another successful fashion runway show, taking place in Orange County, CA for guests of the Women of Chapman organization.
Nearly 70 seats were filled for an afternoon of fabulous decor, amazing food and a special treat as they witnessed  gorgeous models wearing dozens of different designer dresses created by    Youngsong Martin.  The Wildflower Linen Fashion Runway Show began 2 years ago and continues to be a highlight for event functions and fundraisers.  It wouldn’t be significant without its signature concept; every model is “draped and pinned” with an ACTUAL table linen or chair cover that would otherwise be used as a rental for an event.   Models not only have 2 minutes between walks to get dressed, but Youngsong must also pin and prep them for stage…. from Table Linen straight into Dress Linen, literally.   It’s a feat that we must say even the top designers in the nation would have a hard time topping.  You thought 24 hours was difficult to make a dress, try a few minutes!  Move over Project Runway and make room for Wildflower Linen – YSM’s Runway! 

April 22, 2012

Go Green!!!

When Yahwe  www.delcaboeventdesign.com showed his brand new collection weeks ago,  I could not stop think of anything else but a tree!
The green shades, browns, dark browns and golds, all this different textures made with phenomenal fabrics, unique and natural ..... ... I, immediately new what is what I wanted to create, so we put all the strings together and start working...

And the venue? well, we really love  Esperanza Resort locations, but over all, we really love those guys... Soon I will writing a full post just for them, (just an excuse  to have dinner there ha ha!) so you can see why I love it.

 Here one of my favorite creations.... I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we did creating it.  Thank you Juan, for the amazing photos. www.juancarlostapia.com

this blend of textures and colors, so natural so easy to enjoy!

the View from this spot is excellent

the idea of have floating things over my head have always appeal to me ;)

love love this charges 

a closer look to flowers, I use lots of lots of ivory roses with touches of local hydrangea

and If the linens look familiar to you, maybe is because you saw them at   the Twilight saga official Convention event in Los Angeles. 
but not, Bella wasn't coming for sopa~ 

Dramatic Hindu Dinner

This event  took place at Esperanza Resort  in one of  their ball rooms, the event was designed  for an important  Hindu Business Men...the felling '' dramatic'', Reds, golds, purples oranges ...  all this explosion of colors was not easy to dilute, BUT we conquer the job and we did it!

Along with my friend Yahwe  from Delcaboevents, and Claudia Morales, we came with lots of ideas and here, you can see the finally under the great  eye of  Juan Carlos Tapia photography,  www.juancarlostapia.com ....

Many roses, tulips, orchids to make this dramatic design

 high end chairs covers simply  AMAZING 

Bling Bling Wedding!!

This lovely bling bling wedding was coordinate by Gaby Cobean from Baja Weddings   and she did a great job! everything looked so perfect and all the little details were taking seriously, the whole place look stunning.

  The color palette of the day was  Gold and Ivory;  a perfect color blend for an elegant and fancy wedding with all this textures coming from  Linens, Things & more  collection.  I simply loved it.

and of course the flowers! well we order tons of ivory roses and green hydrangea to wear the gold candelabras in a gardening cascade style....  candles to give the romantic feeling;  Her bouquet was made of all white peonies, English tea rose and orchids. tied up in a super elegant way using many yards of ribbons and a crystal band that gave it the final touch!

I love to use this antique candle & Crystal holders  

this idea is great for table numbers

Sweet heart table simply stunning

all the details were super cute

Love the final look of everything 

I finish up her bouquet with this crystal band that gave it the final touch, this bouquet wrap is perfect for elegant and formal styles 

Flower Girl Basket

This Bling Bling wedding took place at Sunset Da Monalisa , a place were no one can compete for the View... great place, great food, and Ricardo PatiƱo  the DJ, make sure to keep them up dancing... Me? just waiting to get the professional shoots from  Daniel Jireh .. ;)