April 22, 2012

Go Green!!!

When Yahwe  www.delcaboeventdesign.com showed his brand new collection weeks ago,  I could not stop think of anything else but a tree!
The green shades, browns, dark browns and golds, all this different textures made with phenomenal fabrics, unique and natural ..... ... I, immediately new what is what I wanted to create, so we put all the strings together and start working...

And the venue? well, we really love  Esperanza Resort locations, but over all, we really love those guys... Soon I will writing a full post just for them, (just an excuse  to have dinner there ha ha!) so you can see why I love it.

 Here one of my favorite creations.... I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we did creating it.  Thank you Juan, for the amazing photos. www.juancarlostapia.com

this blend of textures and colors, so natural so easy to enjoy!

the View from this spot is excellent

the idea of have floating things over my head have always appeal to me ;)

love love this charges 

a closer look to flowers, I use lots of lots of ivory roses with touches of local hydrangea

and If the linens look familiar to you, maybe is because you saw them at   the Twilight saga official Convention event in Los Angeles. 
but not, Bella wasn't coming for sopa~ 

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