April 02, 2012

An Orchid Affair

An Orchid affair in Cabo! this pure elegant and amazing color palette is so far my favorite!!

Turquoise blends perfectly with cabo weddings, the sea, sand, coral, seashells, orchids, what else can I ask for? ok;  one margarita please!

Again Amy Bennett , Yahwe Garcia , Claudia Morales and My self, created this amazing Orchid affair, all the ideas came together for this photo shoot @ Esperanza Resort, to Show the beauty of Cabo's best place to get married.

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most wanted blooms for weddings year around, although, here in Mexico we have to bring them all the way from Holland as Mexico does not grow them, but trust me, they worth the trip! ;)

Acrylic Arch by Del Cabo events..... 

Turquoise water, coral, seashells, candles, orchids, totally and affair!

This is the greatest way to do an escort card display for your 
guest ... lovely isn't it?

orchid cascade over your shoulder wile you are saying your vows... priceless

Me, giving it, the last touches to the table setting, and, If you are wondering, were are my own photos, well,  this time I didn't  have to take my camera out, as I had the best in town taking them for me ;)

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