April 28, 2012


The Women of Chapman enjoy a Wildflower Linen Fashion Runway Show

Youngsong Martin, owner and principal designer of Wildflower Linen has done it again with another successful fashion runway show, taking place in Orange County, CA for guests of the Women of Chapman organization.
Nearly 70 seats were filled for an afternoon of fabulous decor, amazing food and a special treat as they witnessed  gorgeous models wearing dozens of different designer dresses created by    Youngsong Martin.  The Wildflower Linen Fashion Runway Show began 2 years ago and continues to be a highlight for event functions and fundraisers.  It wouldn’t be significant without its signature concept; every model is “draped and pinned” with an ACTUAL table linen or chair cover that would otherwise be used as a rental for an event.   Models not only have 2 minutes between walks to get dressed, but Youngsong must also pin and prep them for stage…. from Table Linen straight into Dress Linen, literally.   It’s a feat that we must say even the top designers in the nation would have a hard time topping.  You thought 24 hours was difficult to make a dress, try a few minutes!  Move over Project Runway and make room for Wildflower Linen – YSM’s Runway! 

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