July 12, 2012



          Today I just wanted to THANK YOU all my dear friends and brides that have believed in my work.... this 5 years have been so incredibly FUN  and full of lessons that each of you have showed me.

My inspiration my passion my LOVE is above all,  in GOD, and I am so thankful with him for giving me the best entertainment  in life.....  floral design.

WHAT will you find here at Florenta? 
First of all a kind person that will help you to develop The dream of your LIFE and with a bit of luck, within your budget ;) ... 

To me,  perfection is already in Gods nature and there only there you will find IT...

July 06, 2012

My lates bridals bouquet creations!!!

        When it comes to the Bridal Bouquet many details are taking seriously!!!  we make sure she gets the perfect blooms and shapes, and sometimes depending on the nature of the flowers, many blooms are ordered in dozens  to only use one or two!!   then to polish the look we use fine fabrics to wrap the stems depending on the style of the bride, some times we use rustic fabrics or the most fine textures...

I hope you enjoy the different styles you will see here, and remember to make sure you order season flowers to keep on the budget!