August 22, 2012

Five Years of Happy Brides

This past 5 years have been amazing, I have meet thousands of beautiful brides...  sadly I do not have every single photo of them or their bouquets, but I will like to shere with you few of my favorite creations ....

this abbsolutelly was one of my best bridal bouquets! and the Bride look stunning

this was about 3 years ago, all white roses with phalaenopsis orchids

all white season flowers and orchids

Love this photo

yellow cymbidium orchids ...pops out very well

the always elegnat callas

fun spiral bouquets

white roses with cymbidium orhcids

purple and fucisa

love this colors!!!

all white imported hydrangea

this was my very first featured bouquet in the knot!

how can I forget Anna?

pure white orchids

this is also one of my most fun ever done bouquets!

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