June 25, 2013

I am back!

yes I am !!! and I am so happy to be back,

As many of you now, I went to labor in the beginning of january, and had a healthy son, (He is now 6months old and full of energy... ) between him and the flowers I did not have a second to spare here...  BUT  high season is over and my son is giving me a full hour per day ha ha! so I am planning to use it well ;)

many post are on the line waiting to be free, SO LET THEM BE!!!!

the very first one I would  like to share with you is my baby shower at my moms house in Durango....  We put together a lovely shower with my favorite colors gray and yellow!

here the day I found out I was pregnant April 30th 2012 

me, 3 months 

me, 8 months!! 

the shower!! yummy donas

!!Sebastian!! my son's name

the table

Tie favor 

cold  strawberry drink

isn't this lovely ?


Sebastian very first PANALERA
my family ;)

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