July 11, 2013

Styles for weddings

              Of course out there are a TON Styles for weddings  ,And the best way to discover your wedding style is to look at everything about you and your fiance. From what you wear, to your jobs, to what you do for fun. You want your wedding to be a reflection of BOTH of YOU, not your venue, not your parents, and not what you think a wedding is *supposed* to be like.   The answer is in your daily life!!!

                            Do you wear heels everywhere you go and have friends asking you to go shopping with them all the time? maybe your style is Chic, defined as style and elegance.... now lets see how a chic & beach style blends on design

And of course we can’t forget the stylish, Boho brides. Fun, spontaneous, and always looking ways to put a twist on things, you want a wedding that your guests most likely have never been to before. You and/or your fiance are most likely have some sort of artistic career, and you both have a flair for design. Oh, and no matter what he says, your fiance probably wants to have a say in how things are going to look for your wedding. And you’ll probably DIY some pretty awesome stuff.

Or maybe you and your fiance are the type of people who love being outside. You’re always biking, hiking, going the beach, playing sports, etc etc. You met a mutual friend’s barbeque or your first date was going surfing. It’s probably a no brainer to have an intimate Backyard wedding, surrounded by your family and closest friends

Are you a business woman? Stylish, modern, elegant, and poised are words that your friends would use to describe you. Your fiance is a go-getter and you met at Happy Hour at one of the most chic bars in the city. A clean, Modern style is going to be perfect for you.

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