December 23, 2011

Finally at Durango

This has been a long trip to finally get to my old town Durango or Duranyork as many friends call it, no yet  know why ( I will find out soon).
 Durango besides all the news yuo have heard is a peaceful place where nothing happens; life looks like 100 years old and you will  feel it as soon as you get to se the sky, this blue sky you will only find here; this is why so many epic movies are been filmed here. 

Durango its more than 400 years old, been the 2nd most important city when the Spanish came, no wonder why the whole historic center is all made of CANTERA,(very expensive and exclusive stone) all buildings and houses were made of this material and now, the government is restoring all of them to bring its beauty back.

Plaza Cuarto Centenario 

what did I say about the sky??

well, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Tour in Mexico City

This holiday season I travelled to Mexico city to find new vendors and I fund great places to look at and I am very exited for the new arrivals to come!... but not everything was work, I also went to the Zocalo zone where the old buildings are, and walk on many streets.. 
I do recommend to to travel with people that knows the place well enough to take you safely and fast to anywhere.

Walking in San Angel, the balloons just happened to be there!,
 I had to take the photo........isn't it lovely?
besides, I dreamed all my life to do this!!

Bank Of Mexico Building more than 100 years all and still looking at its best,right in front Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Mexico City is a wonderful place to go with ALLOT of calm acquitted!!

December 15, 2011

Lime Green & Plum color palette

Sandy and Kenny's wedding was Beautiful! I loved all about it; Since Sandy and I started choosing the color palette and the design of her big day I knew how excited she was planning every single detail... After many color palette options, Sandy picked plum and lime green, very sophisticated and classy yet vibrant palette. Choosing the flower for her and her daughters was the best part... she wanted all baby callas and orchids! She felt in love with their color and elegance.
Finally the day arrived at Esperanza Resort and everything went as she planned....  the view, the ocean, and the weather…. The full moon, Sandy and Kenny looked so happy and were captured in Amy Bennett’s amazing eye so PERFECT.. Congrats to our newlyweds… .Lola

Especial thanks to Claudia Morales the Wedding Coordinator at Esperanza Resort for her hard work putting all the strings together to make sure everything went perfect for Sandy and Kenny’s big day, Amy Bennett for sharing this amazing photography and making this wonderful board, I totally love it!!! Thanks to Elsa and Things linens and more for bringing such an exquisite linen d├ęcor!

December 05, 2011


Seinto que algo bombea mi cerebro, y no son buenos pensamientos... bum bum bum agotan caa parte de mi buena voluntad.. too much too nothing....