June 29, 2013

Un paseo por el DF y su bazar de San Angel

Secret Marquis Cabo Wedding

always like to bring lots of pillows to stylish the lounge...

about to finish!! Let it be events always doing a great job!!

oval tables, ever though about that?? they look pretty cool accually

you rock ladies ! Amy Abbott and Maria Bonita 


                     Love Spring!!! mostly of the flowers are blooming and there are to many to choose from, I just love it. 
Peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, freesias etc, etc. what else can a florist could ask for? 

This wedding was host at Cabo del Sol Golf Course,  where they have this amazing view where you can see why Cabo is one of the hottest places to get married at! it shows the best expression of Cabos beauty. 

Lighting Produccion : www.letitveevents.com 

Wedding Coordination : Rachel Hansen : www.infinity-cabo.com

June 25, 2013

featured on Style Me Pretty on Halloween

               This amazing wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty on halloween!!!

I am back!

yes I am !!! and I am so happy to be back,

As many of you now, I went to labor in the beginning of january, and had a healthy son, (He is now 6months old and full of energy... ) between him and the flowers I did not have a second to spare here...  BUT  high season is over and my son is giving me a full hour per day ha ha! so I am planning to use it well ;)

many post are on the line waiting to be free, SO LET THEM BE!!!!

the very first one I would  like to share with you is my baby shower at my moms house in Durango....  We put together a lovely shower with my favorite colors gray and yellow!

here the day I found out I was pregnant April 30th 2012 

me, 3 months 

me, 8 months!! 

the shower!! yummy donas

!!Sebastian!! my son's name

the table

Tie favor 

cold  strawberry drink

isn't this lovely ?


Sebastian very first PANALERA
my family ;)